Ideal Protein Chicken Recipes

To successfully complete all of the four phases of the Ideal Protein Diet it’s of great importance that the meals you create and the food you eat is delicious. If it wasn’t you’re chances of success would be greatly reduced.

On this site I’ve put some of my favourite recipes online. They provide a nice mixture of different kinds of food that you can prepare quickly each day. Since chicken has a very high amount of protein it’s a perfect choice to differentiate my recipes even more.

One great way to make use of white chicken meat in the Ideal Protein Diet’s phases is simple: use and cook the base recipes, but replace the Tofu with chicken. What is nice about this simple idea is that the time needed to cook chicken is almost the same as the time needed to cook tofu.

So you can really just replace the boring tofu with chicken and take advantage of the chicken meat’s high protein amount and its delicious taste.